GUEST SPEAKER: Dan Huttenlocher (Cornell) Tue 4/13/2010 at 1:30 in Klaus 1116 West on “Mapping the World’s Photos”

Mapping the World’s Photos

Daniel Huttenlocher
Cornell University

Date: Tuesday 4/13/2010
Time: 1:30p – 3:00p.
Location: Klaus 1116 West

We investigate how to organize a large collection of geotagged photos, working with a dataset of about 35 million images collected from Flickr. Our approach combines content analysis based on text tags and image data with structural analysis based on geospatial data. We use the spatial distribution of where people take photos to define a relational structure between the photos that are taken at popular places. We then study the interplay between this structure and the content, using classification methods for predicting such locations from visual, textual and temporal features of the photos. We find that combined visual and temporal features improve the ability to estimate the location of a photo, compared to using just textual or visual features alone. We illustrate using these techniques to structure a large collection of geotagged photos, while also revealing various interesting properties about popular cities and landmarks at a global scale.


ERROL MORRIS – Opinionator Blog –

ERROL MORRIS – Opinionator Blog –

Errol Morris, a well-known filmmaker and a fellow of the AAAS (see his bio on the above site) has been writing a series if Opinion Articles in the NYT Opinionator.

See his 7 part series on The Case of the Inappropriate Alarm Clock, followed by Thought Experiment No. 1, and More Inappropriate Alarm Clocks, and 2 part essay/interview on It Was All Started by a Mouse (Part 1). All of this (at-least to me) seem to be a very good a relevant essay in imaging and photography as it applies to journalism, fact reporting, and generating opinions via media.

We will cover some of these topics in our class this term too.