Advertisers Grasp at Straws

These especially troubled, historically uninventive media companies (such as the New York Times, ironically) must find their own paths to profit. Rather than feeling jaded by disinterested brands and dwindling ad dollars,

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Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable « Clay Shirky

The problem newspapers face isn’t that they didn’t see the internet coming. They not only saw it miles off, they figured out early on that they needed a plan to deal with it, and during the early 90s they came up with not just one plan but several.

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How to Save Your Newspaper – TIME

The problem is that fewer of these consumers are paying. Instead, news organizations are merrily giving away their news. According to a Pew Research Center study, a tipping point occurred last year: more people in the U.S. got their news online for free than paid for it by buying newspapers and magazines. Who can blame them? Even an old print junkie like me has quit subscribing to the New York Times, because if it doesn’t see fit to charge for its content, I’d feel like a fool paying for it.

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Redefining Advertising To Save Journalism

Redefining Advertising To Save Journalism.

Traditional, ad-supported media’s precipitous fall over the edge of the flat earth they have made for themselves is releasing a torrent of concern from everyone in the media business. Here at postadvertising, we love great television, believe newspaper-style journalism is critical to the world’s well being and agonize over the collateral damage of traditional advertising’s demise. So we want to do our part to help rescue the news business.