Global manhunt will leverage social media to find suspects | Geek Gestalt – CNET News

Global manhunt will leverage social media to find suspects | Geek Gestalt – CNET News.

If you had to track down fugitives hidden in five cities around the world, would one day and a $5,000 reward be enough to succeed? And if so, how?

That’s what the people behind the TAG Challenge want to know–and what the whole world will soon find out.

On March 31, mug shots of five “suspects” will be published, and it’ll be game on in a global hunt for “jewel thieves” in Bratislava, Slovakia; Stockholm; London; Washington, D.C.; and New York City, each of whom will spend 12 hours that day in public areas. The first team to upload photographs of each of the five by noon eastern time on April 1 will win the competition–and with it, a ton of international glory.

Then again, there’s a good chance no one will win, given the limited time available to contestants.

The competition is based in part on 2009’s DARPA Red Balloon Challenge–in which DARPA hid 10 balloons around the United States and offered a $40,000 prize to the first team that could find them all in a single day.


The State of the News Media 2011

By several measures, the state of the American news media improved in 2010.

After two dreadful years, most sectors of the industry saw revenue begin to recover. With some notable exceptions, cutbacks in newsrooms eased. And while still more talk than action, some experiments with new revenue models began to show signs of blossoming.

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MediaPost Publications Bloggers Now Eligible For Press Passes In NYC 03/03/2010

MediaPost Publications Bloggers Now Eligible For Press Passes In NYC 03/03/2010.

In a nod to the growing influence of online journalists, New York City said Tuesday that bloggers and others who publish on the Web will now be eligible for press credentials.

The move comes as a result of a lawsuit filed in 2008 by three Web journalists who were denied press passes. In New York, journalists with press passes are typically allowed to cross police barricades at public events.

5 Ways Sentiment Analysis is Ramping Up in 2009

5 Ways Sentiment Analysis is Ramping Up in 2009.

The New York Times has an article today about sentiment analysis, a trend which has been accelerating on the back of the Real-time Web– and Twitter in particular. Sentiment analysis is no short-term hot trend. It will eventually become a key feature of search engines, which will integrate the aggregate sentiment of the crowd into search results.

The NY Times article looked at 3 sentiment analysis tools: Scout Labs, The Financial Times’ Newssift, and Jodange. It also mentioned 3 Twitter apps: TweetfeelTwendz and Twitrratr. In our post we take a look at five other examples of how sentiment analysis is starting to ramp up on the Web. We invite you to add more examples in the comments.