[Lecture Notes] “What is Journalism and the Elements of Journalism”

Links to some of the pointers related to the Topic of “What is Journalism and the Elements of Journalism” for the introductory lecture in the CJ Class of 2014.


Who Uses Facebook for News | Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project

Who Uses Facebook for News | Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project.

On Facebook, the largest social media platform, news is a common but incidental experience, according to an initiative of Pew Research Center in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Overall, about half of adult Facebook users, 47%, “ever” get news there. That amounts to 30% of the population.

Most U.S. adults do not go to Facebook seeking news out, the nationally representative online survey of 5,173 adults finds. Instead, the vast majority of Facebook news consumers, 78%, get news when they are on Facebook for other reasons. And just 4% say it is the most important way they get news. As one respondent summed it up, “I believe Facebook is a good way to find out news without actually looking for it.”