The State of the News Media 2010

This year’s report is the most interactive it’s ever been, and contains a number of new features. A Year in the News Interactive, for instance, allows users to explore for themselves our content database of some 68,000 stories from 55 different news outlets. Users can look at what they want, answer their own questions and create their own charts.  Who Owns the News Media is a new multi-dimensional directory of the more than 120 companies that own news properties in the United States that allows users to explore and compare companies by sector, revenue, and audience. This year’s study also includes a new survey of the economic attitudes of online news consumers. The report also contains a detailed analysis of the online  behavior of visitors to news websites and a study of the most highly regarded community journalism websites in the country. There is also, for the first time, a content analysis of blogs and social media, and explores the extent to which their news agenda relates to, differs from, and draws on traditional media. Coming in April is a survey of news executives on the future of their industry.

via The State of the News Media 2010.


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